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How to Enter

Just email your name and which competitions you would like to enter to by MONDAY 7th May2018




Colin Main

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Read the attached rules carefully and note various key dates.
Remember ….. to enter, you must be available to play on Finals Day, Sunday 16th September.

 Round Completion Dates 

• 1st Preliminary Rounds, ASAP
• 2nd Preliminary Rounds 30th June
• Quarter-Finals 30th July
• Semi-Finals Sunday 30th August
• Final (Finals Day) Sunday 16th September

Brief Rules

  • All matches, except finals, can be played as best of 3 normal sets or best of three 10 point tie break sets., All Final matches will be a best of 3 sets.  Agreement must be by all parties on the format to use. If agreement can not be found then the default is best of 3 sets.
  • Ideally use new balls. Minimum of 4. Otherwise use 4 good balls that all parties agree on before the match. You may use any balls from the club house.
  • Try to keep to schedule. Any problems arranging matches, please contact me as soon as possible.
  • Please let me have the results of amy matches as soon as you can. I'll load the results onto the web site so you can keep track of who you will be playing next.
  • The long boring rules will be applied in case of any real disputes. I have final say.
  • Any questions at all, then please feel free to contact me.
  • Finally, have fun! That's an order!


Suggestions to make the Championships run as smoothly as possible for everyone’s benefit!

Fix a date for your match as soon as oppenent/s are known:


  All players are equally responsible for contacting opponents to arrange matches (no longer top person/pair).

  Remember the player/s who initiate contact do not have to bring the balls, their opponent/s do! Incentive to make contact first and get a date in the diary.

  As soon as the Draw is distributed and your opponent is known, make contact and fix a date for the match (and a reserve date in case of rain postponement).

  Do not wait until 10 days before deadline to contact opponent/s.

  1st Round is always the most difficult to get played on time, yet crucial for the next round to be played on time and the Plate Competition to get underway.

  Use Doodle, the on-line poll, particularly for doubles matches to find dates and times when all available.

  Subsequent rounds, if next round opponent/s waiting for you, make sure you contact them as soon as you have won your match.

  REMEMBER – There is no BAD WEATHER EXTENSION for ANY semi-final match. If you have not played by the semi-final deadline then the committee will toss a coin if a finalist cannot be agreed between players.




  Particularly busy in April and May with matches, club sessions, coaching, etc. so another reason to fix a date quickly and book a court.




  Fix your 2018 Championship match early in the time period, so if injured you have time to rearrange, recover and still play before the deadline and some leeway and recovery time before the next round.


Line Calls:


  Only call the lines on your side of the net.

  Call clearly and firmly what you see and what you honestly believe to be correct

  If you are not absolutely certain, did not see the ball clearly or there is a disagreement with the opponent/s, then either the ball was IN and must be given in the opponent’s favour or offer a LET (ie replay the point, whether it was a first or second service).


Calling the score:


  It is the server’s job to call out the score, in a voice audible to the opponent/s, prior to his/her first service in each game.


The Rules of Tennis:

  ITF TENNIS RULES: Download at:


Thank you and enjoy your Championships!

Very Long Rules in case of Disputes 

1. Entries  

a. Entries must be received by the date specified by the Championship Sub-Committee and stated on the entry form
b. Entries can be made by completing the entry form and emailing or posted back to the nominated
Sub-Committee member               
c. Late entries and entries not made on the official entry form, may be accepted up until the time of the draw at the sole discretion of the Sub-Committee.    d. Players should only enter the competition if they are available to play on Finals Day at the time
and date specified on the entry form              
e. The qualification age for the Veterans’ Mixed Doubles is 55 and over on 1st April the year of the
f. Juniors may enter the adult competitions (except the Veterans’ Mixed Doubles) but only with the approval of the Head Coach and cannot also enter the junior competitions.      
g. For the Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles and the Veterans’ Mixed Doubles competitions:  
i) Playing pairs shall be drawn at random, except for seeded players       
ii) If drawn with the same partner as the previous year, then a redraw will be done   
iii) If, in the Veterans’ Mixed Doubles, a player is drawn with the same partner as the previous year's Mixed Doubles, then a redraw will be done
iv) In the event of an uneven number of entries, the player remaining unpaired after the draw shall be entered into the draw and await a partner. The pairing will be made from a losing player from the first round (or second round, if received a bye) who wishes to continue in the competition. This pairing will be made on a first-come-first-served basis and via the losing player signing up on the Clubhouse Noticeboard and informing the Sub-Committee
v) If a player withdraws (due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances) before their first match, another losing first round player may take their place. 

h. For the Mixed Doubles competition:             
i) Paying pairs shall be drawn at random, except for seeded players
ii) If drawn with the same partner as the previous year, then a redraw will be done
iii) As per Rule 1.g. above,
iv) a player cannot be drawn with the same partner as the previous year's Veterans’ Mixed Doubles
v) In the event of an uneven number of entries, the unpaired player will become a reserve, in case of an injury forcing another player of the same gender to withdraw or a first match loser being unable or unwilling to compete in the Plate Competition.


2. Seedings


a. Seeding shall be used in all competitions, except in the Mixed Doubles Plate.    
b. The number of seeds selected shall be at the sole discretion of the Sub-Committee, after taking all relevant factors into account, including:       i) Advice from Team Captains following the Winter League matches and players’ performances 
ii) Knowledge of players' standards in competitive situations
iii)  Results of the previous year's Championships

c. It is expected that there will be one seeded player for approximately each three entrants, with the precise number of seeds rounded to the nearest even number.          
d. Doubles pairs will be re-seeded after the Draw.


3. The Draw


a. This will take place during the Sunday adult club session specified on the entry form    
b. The draw-sheets will be emailed to competitors and displayed on the Clubhouse Noticeboard within 10 days of the Draw (tbc)


4. Making contact

a. All players are equally responsible for contacting their opponents (no longer top person/pair).
b. The player/s who initiate contact do not have to provide match balls, it will be the opponents responsibility. 


5. Match Venue

All matches should be played at Henley unless there are exceptional circumstances and all players agree on the alternative venue. 


6. Match Completions

a. Matches must be played by the round completion date as shown on the Draw-sheet and the deadline will be strictly enforced.         

 b. There will be no extensions for injuries.               
d. The championship Sub-Committee must be informed by email of the re-arranged date.  
e. No acceptance of any excuses.               
f. If a match is not completed by the round or rain extension deadline, players must agree which person/pair goes forward to the next round. If agreement cannot be reach within 24 hours, a member of the Sub-Committee will toss a coin to determine the outcome.       
g. If part or all of the Finals Day is cancelled due to bad weather, then Finalists must agree a date within the next 28 days to complete their matches and immediately inform the Sub-Committee member of the results 


7. Injuries   

a. In the event that a player becomes injured and is unable to complete their match by the
completion date, that player/pair will have to withdraw and their opponent/s proceed to the next round (with the exception of the Finals).   
b. There will be no deadline extension for injuries. 


8. Results

Match results must be:             
i.  Entered immediately on the draw-sheets displayed on the Clubhouse Noticeboard and 
ii. Emailed by the winning player/pair to the Championship Sub-Committee  


9. Finals Day Matches

To ensure all Finals are played on the Finals Day:            
i) If, prior to the Final, a finalist is injured, or for some unforeseen circumstance unable to play, then
the losing semi-finalist/s in that half of the draw will be given the chance to play in the Final and become Champion/s or runner/s up in their own right.       
ii) In the event that the semi-finalist/s cannot compete in the Final, then the remaining finalist/s may choose to take the title by default or offer to play the Final against the original finalist/s with 28 days of the Finals Day.               
iii) If no players or pairs are available, the winner/s shall be the finalist/s who has/have conceded the least games en route to the Final. The number shall be taken as the average across played matches (i.e. excluding byes and walk overs) and shall exclude the preliminary round if played. If the score is still even a coin will be tossed.


10. Players’ Conduct and Liability   

a. Players must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the etiquette, sportsmanship and exemplary standards of behaviour expected of the sport.    b. Any inappropriate incidents should be brought to the Sub-Committee’s attention and they and/or the Club Chairman will take the appropriate action, referring to LTA guidelines if necessary.   
c. All players enter these Championships and compete at their own risk. 


11. Data Protection      

The Club needs to adhere to the new General Data Protection Regulations, which came into force in May 2018, so any member that enters the competition implicitly agrees to have their details circulated to other members.  




Enjoy your Championship Matches!









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